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Photographer by trade, this artist has spent years practicing and perfecting his style and technique. His vision of the world and his aesthetic regard for his surroundings translate into a completely unique treatment of each image and an extraordinary embellishment of the subject.

Bruno Timmermans has this peculiarity that he’s able to put the most advanced techniques for image creation to the service of a particular and innovative artistic work.

Since he’s been following the development of digital photography since its creation and as he follows this domains’ technical developments closely, he manages to add the use of techniques usually reserved for international commercial campaigns to his already extended artistic forming as well as his love for the history of art.

Composition is Bruno Timmermans’ main strength. Though his global vision of the character is immensely present, the composition, through a play of subtle transparencies, makes different reading levels emerge and gives the spectator freedom of interpretation. All the while keeping an almost microscopic precision of physical details,

Bruno Timmermans creates portraits that define men by their actions and not by their ambitions.



Technical : 


Today’s photography and digital image creation are favored by a multitude of technologies and supports.

Just as with the different mediums that scaled the history of art, digital photography now permits the artist to choose his own aesthetic path.

With New Icons we see an analogy with painting : superposing transparent imagery permits a true integration of the images all while keeping the subtilities of the faces apparent. This style of work allows specific techniques that define ones own style. 

In the end what remains is a matter of choice.




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