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Papua New Guina


This adventure begins in Papua New Guinea, a country where primal art merges with contemporary art. A complete cultural submersion that brings us face to face with the beauty of identity.Thereby, we pause to admire the majesty of this primitive world that continues to evolve albeit at its own rhythm compared with our already highly globalised universe. The tribal ornaments and body paints reflect the supremecy of a civilisation that maintains the traditions passed from generation to generation. We rapidly sense the uniqueness of this population through their inner strength of spirit and survival that our modern world has for the most part forgotten.Since the 1950s, the festivals of Mount Hagen and Goroka have been the annual meetings of the Papou tribes. Emotional gatherings where the onlooker is rocked by the bewitching rhythms of drums and tribal chanting. This tribal trance is now a demonstration of strength through appearance whereas in the past it would have been tribal war. Tribal identity is now represented in a cultural gathering.Papua New Guinea is not only a country rich in natural resources but is also a nation of tribes with a rich heritage. Each tribe has symbols and colours that reverberate with many and different meanings The outfits that distinguish one clan from another are often made from elements of nature that come from their surrounding environment. The distinguishing outfits become an indication of hierarchy, a code of recognition and moreover a real source of inspiration for the onlooker : living works of art that inspire the imagination as if contemplating a painting. While the rest of the world seeks relentless advancement, one cannot help but ask oneself for how long this tribal nature can remain true to its origins and preserve these powerful traditions..

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